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Here is a guide to our consultation process:

  • Answers to many of your questions regarding our clinic and ketamine therapy are available¬†here.
  • More information about Ketamine Therapy
  • Learn more about our team
  • Current pricing and specials
  • After reviewing our FAQ section, contact us for a brief informational call to answer any remaining questions. (720) 750-5818
  • Complete an online intake form to help us learn about your individual needs (takes 5-10 minutes, a link will be sent to you after your informational call).
  • Discuss your specific situation with our medical director, Dr. Sarah Coakley, during your complimentary phone consultation (takes 30-40 minutes).
  • Schedule your ketamine therapy series (typically within 1 week of starting the consultation process).
Invest In Yourself

Ketamine therapy is a significant investment, both financially and personally. For those who respond to this treatment, the positive benefits of self-care, increased connections with friends and family, decreased days of missed work, and re-engagement in your daily life pay unmeasurable dividends on the monetary expenditure.

Our team empathizes with the financial burdens we are all currently facing, and we will strive to find a solution that makes treatment accessible. Please contact us to discuss possible options.

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