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Oral Ketamine Group Therapy

Making Ketamine More Affordable

  • Ketamine will be administered in our office in a collective setting, along with group therapy, twice a week.
  • Moderated by an experienced therapist and registered nurse, the group setting allows patients a safe environment to share their therapeutic experience, with both illness and improvement as treatment progresses.
  • When administered in this setting, our clinic’s experience has been that oral ketamine can be as effective as IV ketamine in the right patient population.
  • The program is four weeks long. Ideally, upon completion of the program, patients will continue with maintenance ketamine treatment in sublingual form. Patients are encouraged to continue a therapeutic relationship throughout maintenance treatment.
$1200 for program (includes initial evaluation)

Invest In Yourself

Ketamine therapy is a significant investment, both financially and personally. For those who respond, the positive benefits of self-care, increased connections with friends and family, decreased days of missed work, and re-engagement in your daily life pay unmeasurable dividends on the monetary expenditure. 

Our team empathizes with the financial burdens we are all currently facing, and we will strive to find a solution that makes treatment accessible. Please contact us to discuss possible options.

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